The way people buy and sell property is changing, Property Gurus SA is striving to ensure our clients take advantage of the new way to promote properties such as Social Media, Videos, and Strategic Internet Marketing and we found this has enable us to connect to more buyers with our properties even quicker.

Any agent can sell a property however we believe that not every agent can achieve a world class result.

We pride ourselves on getting higher selling prices in shorter periods of time for our clients due to our strategic differences and our world class marketing.


If you ask most sellers why they selected the agent they choose, often the answer is “we liked and trusted them”. This is a gut feeling that should never be overlooked. The relationship of seller/agent is not just a legal relationship but one that should be founded in trust and likeability. You will need to work very closely with your agent as well as trust they are doing the right thing by both you and your property. If your instinct says no, then no it should be.


Nothing frustrates both sellers and buyers more than not being able to get through to the agent. Un-answered phone calls, emails and text messages not returned is the cause of much anxiety during a property transaction. Checking the response time of telephone calls, emails and text messages can be an easy test of your agent’s response time. Doing a little investigative journalism can save thousands of dollars and much stress.


A well-executed sales strategy will ensure your home is not sitting on the market for a lengthy period. Often the longer a property sits on the market, the less it eventually sells for. A thoughtful well-planned sales strategy is often overlooked when an agent is appointed however it so important that you know “how” an agent will go about selling your home. There is a lot more to a successful sales strategy than simply considering an auction, private tender or private sale. Look for the agent that provides a detailed insight as too what happens moving forward on a week to week basis. It should simply make sense when you hear the right strategy.


International buyers particularly from China & India are now a significant part of the South Australia property buying community. At Property Gurus SA we have developed a unique strategy that ensures that buyers from any part of the world are able to access your property whether that be through our excellent local networks and extensive database. Speak to one of Property Gurus SA consultants for more on our international buyer strategy.


Our constantly evolving marketing approach ensures your property will held above the rest. It is a key deliberate marketing tactic to ensure that we utilise every form of marketing collateral available and look forward to working with you to tailor a marketing solution just for you and your unique.